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Following the two previous projects, the ‘Puzzle’ collection made by different sorts of things by photo collage, and the ‘Disequilibrate’ made by a network of cloth - a quilt - woven in the form of a wrestling mat, the idea just came to my mind that I need to somehow challenge the audience to the issue of communication and identity in the Iranian society through playing games and sports. So I developed the ‘Vivacity’ project which represents women’s bodies in today’s fashion as they are playing sports. These sketches are sewed on pieces of cloth like a children’s quilt. Vivacity is the realization of what mothers directly wish for their children. In fact, they wish happiness for their children under any political, cultural, social circumstances, even by drawing sketches on their quilts. Perhaps, mothers encourage their children to have direct, real-world experience through playing games and sports which is simply considered a response to man’s solitude in today’s world. So ‘sport’ could be that wish for the children to gain balance and to express themselves in the society.


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